Welcome to The Ballet Barre, a blog that’s all about dance

Welcome to my dance blog! This blog is for anyone who loves to dance. Whether you are a dance student, dance as a career or a hobby, or just love the art form, this site is for you. And since ballet is is the foundation for almost all forms of dance, it’s essential for any dancer to spend some time at The Ballet Barre. Feel free to take a look around and leave your comments and opinions. I’m just getting started and figuring things out, but I’ll be updating regularly! Thanks for visiting!

Remember: Once a dancer, always a dancer.

Check out what’s going on at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre!


Photo courtesy of xiron.deviantart.com.

Take a look at this story from Dance Magazine, called “Why I Dance” by Lindsey Leduc. How true is Lindsey’s story? Dance is most definitely an ever-changing and growing art form. You often don’t even make the choice to love it…it just happens, and it’s something you can’t and won’t ever let go of in an entire lifetime. Has anyone else ever felt this way about dance?


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