Reflecting on The Nutcracker season for ballet dancers

So I just read a great blog post from a pretty cool blog called Pointe Til You Drop, and I wanted to share it! The post made me think about what winter is like for dancers….

As we move past the Christmas season and into the rest of winter, plenty of dancers are hanging up their Snowflake/Flower/Sugar Plum Fairy costumes in favor of black leotards and pink tights and settling back into their places at the ballet barre. But December isn’t just a big ballet time for dancers; it’s also a time when lot of people who normally never go to see a dance production go to the ballet. How many of your non-dancing friends went  to see the Nutcracker last month?

I went to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s production, which was beautiful, of course! I enjoyed it even more this year than in the past…I just couldn’t get past how beautiful the Waltz of the Snowflakes and Waltz of the Flowers dances were, not to mention those adorable little mice!

The Snowflakes and Flowers remind me of some of my favorite memories: During my junior and senior years of high school, my advanced ballet class learned the New York City Ballet choreography for those pieces and performed them for the family and friends of the younger girls in our studio during their Christmas shows. It’s such an incredible feeling to be a part of such a beloved tradition like the Nutcracker! What’s your favorite Nutcracker memory?


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Check out this video of the New York City Ballet performing the Waltz of the Snowflakes in the Nutcracker! Breathtaking!


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