Dance is a form of therapy that’s popping up in TV and more

The great thing about today’s dance world is that it’s everywhere. Just look around you.

You probably pass at least one dance studio on your way to school or work, more movies, TV shows and commercials feature dancers every day, your closest city most likely has a few professional dance companies and touring musical productions, and reality TV has even embraced the world of dancers.

Pointe shoes

Photo courtesy of Toronto Distillery District,

There are so many kinds of dance, too. The basics of ballet, jazz, and tap have been branched out into countless styles, from hip-hop to Bollywood, to break dance. Every style of dance has a place and a following.

It doesn’t matter if you dance every day of the week, you dance when you can, or you just like to watch and enjoy it. The important thing is that you recognize it and appreciate it!  Check out these video clips below from two popular TV shows: Smash and Glee. Both shows are taking the art of dance and weaving it into plot lines. This shares dance with a whole new audience: people who would ordinarily never go to see a musical or a ballet get to experience dance through TV. And as a lifelong dancer, I love that dance is being featured in more and more places.

Whether you dance or not, it’s clear that dancers – like the ones in the videos below – not only love what they do, but they also put in a ton of time and hard work to make their art the best it can be for audiences to appreciate and enjoy. How much rehearsal time do you think went into these dance numbers? I can picture them in the dance studio learning the steps for the first time, going over the choreography by themselves in a quiet corner, and seeing it in their heads before they fall to sleep at night. The result of all this effort? Well, take a look!

While dance is a performing art, it is also an extremely personal art. It can be a form of self expression, a stress-reliever, a form of therapy, and of course, a form of exercise. In fact, dance has a long and varied history, with some ancient artifacts suggesting its existence and importance in culture as long as 9,000 years ago, according to this New York Times article.

Throughout my life, the dance studio has been a place where the stresses of my day and week melt away, and all that matters is the beat of the music and the flow of the choreography. Anyone can get this feeling through a dance class at any level. Have you ever experienced this in a dance class? Try it out for yourself and begin to reap the benefits of the life of a dancer!  So that feeling is what this blog is dedicated to: dance and the people who love it in all its forms.

Check back for news, features, and ideas about all things dance-related! Until next time, remember…

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

~ Martha Graham, dancer and choreographer (1894-1991)


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